Passion Kids

There’s lots of fun to be had at Passion Kids where every week, our leaders pour into the next generation – raising up world-changers who love God and His house!


When you arrive, look for our Passion Kids check-in station. One of our friendly team members will help check your child into our system. You and your child will receive personalized, coordinating ID tags unique to your family and your visit, which you will show after the service in order to pick up your child. If you lose your ID tag, you will be required to show your Driver’s License in its place.

At check-in, we will ask for the following personal information: Family member’s names, children’s names and birthdates, address, phone number, and any special instructions such as allergies or special needs for your child.


Passion Kids offers all different age groups programs and teaching to learn about a Christ centered life. We take Kids ministry seriously! Because of this, we have a safe, fun, and vibrant place for kids to learn and grow in their relationship with Jesus. Every person who works in our kid’s ministry has had federal and local background check, and we utilize a secure check in system to ensure every child is safe.

Kids check-in before each service.


We are excited that you are interested in having your child dedicated to the Lord. The purpose of child dedication is for parents to present their child before God and His people, asking for grace and wisdom in carrying out their responsibilities. Parents also come praying that their child will one day trust Jesus Christ as Savior.

To register for an upcoming child dedication, fill out the form below.

Child Dedication Form